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Beyoncé Pays DC Metro $100,000 to Stay Open an Extra Hour Amid Renaissance Tour Weather Delays

    A large delay was imposed on the Grammy winner’s performance on August 6 at FedEx Field in Maryland because inclement weather had come over the venue and fans were forced to seek safety indoors. However, Queen Bey made sure that the journey home for fans went much more smoothly by paying the Washington, DC Metro system $100,000 to stay open for an hour later than usual. This allowed fans to go home much more quickly.

    The official Twitter account for Metrorail posted on August 6: “Hold Up #Beyhive,” announcing that “Metro & Renaissance Tour will extend the last train by an extra hour in order to weather the storm.” The latest Silver Line train that will depart Morgan Boulevard tonight heading toward Ashburn will now do so at 1:04 in the morning.
    The kind gesture was made just a few hours after the venue made a public announcement about the safety measures it had taken in response to the ongoing storm.

    The Twitter account for FedEx Field posted the following message: “Due to lightning in the area, we are currently under a shelter in place order,” “Spectators who are outside of the gates or who are in the parking lots are kindly requested to return to their vehicles.” Every spectator who is currently inside the stadium has been instructed to take cover until further notice beneath any of the covered concourse areas or ramps.

    Beyoncé Pays DC Metro $100,000 to Stay Open an Extra Hour Amid Renaissance Tour Weather Delays
    An official from the stadium revealed to a local reporter named Christian Flores that some spectators had to be treated for heat exhaustion while the stadium was under a shelter in place order. “given the temperatures and how packed people were in the concourse,” the official said in a tweet, “the safest place to be during severe weather.” Flores reported that the stadium official made the revelation.But despite that, the show went on, and after learning of the “Cuff It” artist’s efforts to make sure the audience members got home safely, the audience members praised her.

    One fan expressed their gratitude on Twitter by stating that “DC Metro and Beyoncé’s team really came through for us by extending the train time after the Renaissance concert.” Another fan shared their thoughts on the performance by commenting, “It rained so heavily in Washington, DC tonight. Despite the several interruptions, Beyoncé put on an amazing performance.

    A third person mentioned that Beyoncé was indeed that girl, and they added, “Beyoncé said rain or shine DC, we doing this.” And I lived my life, once more.”

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