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German Sprinter Alica Schmidt Goes Viral Over Her Warmup Routine Showing Track Booty

    This heat is being turned up by German sprinter Alica Schmidt, who has been posting routine warmup thirst traps on her Instagram page. Looking at the remarks being hurled into the thirst traps, it’s clear that her fans and followers adore them.
    The German sprinter Alica Schmidt has awakened the internet with a video of her pre-race warmup.

    With 3.5 million Instagram followers and another 1.1 million on TikTok, Alica is already one of the most popular athletes on social media. After reading some of her updates, I can see why.

    Since Alica has become known as the “world’s sexiest athlete,” she has been posting enticing photographs and videos on her social media accounts. However, she is also a genuine athletic talent, as seen by her European track medal haul.

    She had previously told The Sun in 2021, “I do not know why I got this title.” “There’s no question that sports are number one.” A lot of attractive women on Instagram don’t have as many followers as you have.

    The sprinter shows no signs of being affected by the intense strain. She’s been hitting the track for some training this week, and she just uploaded a brief but remarkable warmup video.

    You did notice the naked guy attempting to maintain his cool, right? That was a job well done, in all honesty.

    Alica must be used to having her warmups and races go viral on TikTok, since videos often receive millions of views.

    Being a model certainly doesn’t hurt her case either. Puma sponsors Alica, and she walked the runway at Milan Fashion Week among some of the biggest names in the business.

    It appears that Alica Schmidt, one of the earliest viral athletes on social media, is still dominant. She does okay on the track, but her future looks more like the catwalk and the internet.

    There is no problem with that at all.

    Check out Alica Schmidt’s standard pregame thirst traps on the next page.

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    1. Imma need the writer of this article to not write!

      This white girl ain’t it. She’s a carbon copy.

      …Sha’Carri Richardson… She’s the 1!!!

      Please go rewrite this article & focus on Sha’Carri & stop hyping ‘Alice’ for her basicness.

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