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john wick spin off exclusive image the continental is a story of revenge and making amends

    Without Winston, John Wick never would have gotten as far as he did (or gotten into half as much trouble) as he did. This is an indisputable fact, despite the fact that John Wick has always been the master of his own fate. The proprietor of the New York Continental Hotel, played by Ian McShane, has always been there to assist (or pile further hazard) upon Keanu Reeves’ Baba Yaga. The hotel serves as a safe haven and neutral business ground for the surprise expansive underground assassin network in the city of New York. In the upcoming three-part limited series based on the world of John Wick called The Continental: From the World of John Wick, we are going to have a better grasp of how Winston ascended to power.

    john wick

    In this piece, which takes place in New York in the 1970s, Colin Woodell plays a younger version of Winston, who is just starting out on his journey to become the boss of the ultimate hitman hangout. “It’s a story of revenge and making amends for what I think is taken from [my character], and that’s my love and my family,” he teases to Empire of Winston’s journey throughout the program. “It’s a story of making amends for what I think is taken from [my character], and that’s my love and my family.” Expect a different Winston, one who isn’t nearly as much of a showman as he is all those years down the line, since the story picks up decades before we saw the character in the original John Wick. Woodell says, “I love how delicious everything is, and I adore the embellishment that Ian has given [to the character].” “At the end [of The Continental], we begin to get there to some degree, and you understand what motivates him, but I didn’t get to really participate in that deliciousness,” he said.

    However, he did got the opportunity to take part in Winston’s distinctive sense of style by donning the character’s hallmark finery, which included that cravat. Or, are you referring to an ascot?

    john wick

    “There was an ongoing debate as to whether it was a cravat or an ascot, and then it became a bit that’s in all three episodes,” adds Woodell. “It became a bit that’s in all three episodes.” Regardless of which one it is, the most important thing to keep in mind is that a sharp shooter should also be sharply dressed.

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