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Kelly Reilly’s thriller, Yellowstone, sweeps Netflix’s top ten.

    The suspense film 10×10 starring Kelly Reilly, who also starred in Yellowstone, is doing exceptionally well on Netflix UK.

    In the film released in 2018, which also features Luke Evans from the Disney film Beauty and the Beast, a guy kidnaps the proprietor of a flower store and holds her captive in a cramped, soundproof chamber in an effort to elicit a secret from her past.


    The movie was met with reviews that were mostly neutral when it was first released, and it has a current rating of 67% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.


    However, it would appear that 10×10 has been given a second chance at success courtesy of Netflix, since the movie is currently ranked number one on the “Top 10 Films in the UK Today” list that can be seen on the homepage of Netflix UK as of Tuesday (July 4).

    In recent years, Reilly has been more well-known for her performance as Beth Dutton on the critically acclaimed series Yellowstone, which airs on Paramount+.

    Kelly Reilly's thriller, Yellowstone, sweeps Netflix's top ten.

    It was announced earlier this year that she will be playing the role of lead character Kaitlyn’s mother Maddie in the upcoming film Little Wing, which will star Brian Cox, who was previously seen in Succession. Cox will be her co-star in the film.

    In the meantime, Yellowstone is going to finish with its fifth season, which came after there were rumors that its actor, Kevin Cosnter, would be leaving the show.

    In response to the actor’s decision to leave the show, the show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan, was quoted in The Hollywood Reporter as saying, “My last conversation with Kevin was that he had this passion project he wanted to direct.”

    “He and the network were bickering over when he could be done with Yellowstone, but none of them could agree on a time. I responded by saying, “We can certainly work a schedule toward [his preferred exit date], and that is exactly what we did.”

    In addition to this, he stated that “His creation of John Dutton is significant and potent.” Kevin and I have never had a disagreement that we were unable to resolve over the phone with one another.

    “But once lawyers get involved, then people don’t get to talk to each other, and they start saying things that aren’t true, and they attempt to shift blame based on how the press or the public appear to be reacting.”

    “He took a lot of this criticism on the chin, and I’m not sure that he deserves it. He seems to place a high value on his project, yet he wants to move his attention elsewhere. I have my fingers crossed that the wait will be worthwhile and that the film will be enjoyable.

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