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NFL world reacts to Tom Brady’s announcement.

    Tom Brady, a great quarterback in the National Football League, made the formal and official announcement that he was retiring from football one month ago, and since then, he has strengthened his resolve to step away from the sport. But in the event that Tom Brady changes his mind and decides to play football again, he is now free to join with any team in the National Football League.

    Tom Brady was officially considered a free agent as of the following day, Thursday, following the start of the new league year on Wednesday earlier this week. According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, even though he submitted a letter of retirement to the league and the NFLPA, there is now nothing preventing him from signing with any team in the league. This is the conclusion reached by Mike Florio.

    NFL world reacts to Tom Brady's announcement.

    It doesn’t matter that he sent a retirement letter to the league and the NFL Players Association five weeks ago. As of right now, he is a free agent. At any time, and with any team, he is free to sign with them. He is free to communicate with any and all teams, at any moment,” Florio stated.

    There has been yet another development in the ongoing drama of Tom Brady’s retirement, as many people still refuse to believe that he has officially hung up his cleats. As a direct consequence of this, many involved in the NFL took to Twitter to voice their opinions on the latest development.
    It is obvious that Brady’s decision to remain in retirement is looking more and more plausible. But now that he is a free agent, he has the option of negotiating his return to the team if that is what he wants to do.


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