10 Adorable Cat Types


one of the oldest cat breeds, is loving and inquisitive and likes to know what their owner is doing so they can help. They play with other animals and people. Raymond said these faithful, devoted pets can learn their humans to do their bidding, so don't be surprised if they tell you when it's time to play or eat.


Exotic cats are friendly and lively with a round, flat face and huge, round eyes. Exotics like watching water trickle from a tap or chasing paper balls across the home.

Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtails are amiable and playful pets with short, pompom-like tails. Japanese Bobtails love family and playing fetch. Japanese Bobtails are smart and good with kids, and they like to swim.


LaPerm cats are friendly and curious, with a wavy, curly coat. LaPerms, an affectionate, lively breed, relax when their owners do and play when you pick up a cat toy. Main


According to Raymond, Persians have long, fluffy coats, round eyes, and flat faces. Persians are energetic but gentle and love to watch their owners.


With a naturally calm demeanor, Siberians are a quiet breed that will express itself through mewing, trilling, chirping and lots of purring, Raymond said. They also seem to know when they’re needed for psychological and moral support, and will seek out the person who they recognize needs their support 

Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rexes are patient, caring, and tolerant. The breed's silky, long or short coats are loved by fans.


Raymond claimed Sphynxes often play pranks on their owners to get attention due to their activity and mischievousness. Sphynx cats are affectionate and will seek out a warm lap or location to snuggle. They like dogs and other cats, but they prefer people.


Raymond stated Siamese cats, another old breed, are the perfect "people" cat. Siamese cats are loud and love being in their owners' laps and helping around the house.

Tonkinese are people-oriented cats with short, silky fur. Tonkinese are busy but loving lap cats. Raymond suggests identifying your cat's favorite toy and adding new ones to enhance exercise and good play. She claims even a paper ball works best!