10 Amazing Nail Ideas for Each Season

You can use this snowflake manicure as inspiration for a simpler version! Beginners should use a pale blue base coat. Draw snowflakes on each nail with a small brush when the blue paint dries.

Nail Art for Winter 

Use a deeper blue base coat and a fine white brush to create white tips and snow flurry to each nail. After those details dry, use the same fine brush and white paint to design a snowman (or lady) on one nail on each hand. Blue Details


This design is advanced and may require a professional nail artist. See those fine details! If you copy these winter trees on your nails, 

Winter Trees

Daisy manicures can be any color. Use a nail pen or tiny brush to add white daisy petals and a colored center dot to your nails after applying a spring-inspired base coat.

Spring Nails

French manicures don't need white tips. For spring, use a neutral tone for most nails and a narrower brush to follow each nail's curve with a happy color.

French Mani

Colorful nail beds and tips brighten a beige or pale pink base. Nail painting pens may be easier than brushes for super-detailed work. Career Growth

Floral Details

After it dries, put the other colors on top and on different parts of each nail. Experiment—there's no proper way! If you like the colors, marble each nail with a clean detail brush.

Pale Swirl

– Forget everything you ever heard about not wearing white after Labor Day. By mixing white polish with gold metallic details, you can keep a white manicure in season well into the fall. 

Gold Sparkle 

Use it as an accent hue with neutrals like gray and gold, or go bold with orange plaid or pumpkins on your nails.

Orange Details