10 Amazing Outlander Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2023

1. Conversations in the Dark

It takes place in modern times and only uses the original characters. Jamie Fraser is a famous actor who finds himself on a crossroad in his life.

And it doesn’t take long before she is fully immersed in his family, including caring for three small kids. This is a very interesting take on both these TV shows.

2. Dr. B, Medicine Woman

In a twist of fate, she meets Jamie Fraser, a man who is more then willing to love her and her unborn child. So now Claire only has to figure out what she wants.

3. Downhill

Jamie and Claire are in attendance at a French court ball. There Jamie notices a man who keeps glaring at Claire.

4. Modern Glasgow AU

Claire finds a new job in Scotland at a Landscaping business. There she falls in love with her new boss James.

5. Mint & Thistles

Claire and her now ex-husband used a fertility center to go through IVF. She got pregnant, but as it turned out, the sperm got mixed up, and the baby isn’t his.

6. This Is Us

Claire is happy with her new life in 19th-century America. She and Jamie are happy together, and she loves raising the kids.

7. Dr. B. II: New Frontier

He has nobody left in this world, so she decides to become his foster parent. Claire soon finds out that Fergus is very special because the imaginary friend he has turns out to be the ghost of Jamie Fraser.

8. Imaginary

She is adamant that the man didn’t touch her, but people are sure she was ruined. To save her reputation, she is forced to marry Jamie, a mute crofter.

9. Loving Jamie

Claire and her uncle visit the continent of Africa to see gorillas in their natural habitat. But what she does not expect to find is a grown man living with these giant ape

10. You’ll Be in Mo Cridhe