10 Anxiety-Reducing Methods

Get more physical activity 

Aerobic exercise reduced stress and uncertainty among 185 university students. Exercise reduced depression.

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Follow a healthy diet

Diet affects mental health.Stress is higher in ultra-processed food and sugar eaters.

Mobile devices are essential.Overusing these devices may cause stress. "iPhone addiction" causes stress and mental illness.

Minimize phone use and screen time  

Consider supplements

Vitamins and minerals help manage stress. Nutrient deficits affect mental health and stress.

Self-care reduces stress and enhances quality of life. Health demands self-care. Doctors, nurses, educators, and caregivers are stressed.

Practice self-care

Reduce caffeine.

Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system.Consumption can worsen anxiety. Stress and anxiety may worsen.Visit friends and family.Family and friend support may ease stress.

Set limits and say no.

You can control some stressors. Overcommitting can cause stress and lack of self-care.Manage your personal life for mental wellness.

Avoid procrastinating.

Avoid procrastinating and prioritize to lessen stress.Procrastination reduces productivity. Stress affects health and sleep. 

Yoga is used for stress reduction and exercise.All yoga styles connect body and mind.

Yoga class

Mindfulness anchors.Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) reduces stress through mindfulness. 

Be mindful