10 Flag Day Quotes to Celebrate Star Spangled Banner Adoption

June 14 is special in America. Flag Day is celebrated. By Second Continental Congress resolution, this happened in 1777.

 In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson declared June 14 Flag Day, and in August 1949,

Congress established National Flag Day. State holidays across the U.S. celebrate it.

June 14 is "National Flag Week." The president will order Americans to fly the flag this week. All government buildings should fly the flag.

 Some groups celebrate the American flag and its meaning with parades and events.

Since opening as a museum in 1927, the Star-Spangled Banner Flag House in Baltimore, Maryland, has celebrated Flag Day.

The Star-Spangled Banner and Mary Pickersgill are honored annually. These quotes commemorate this important day.

I think our flag is more than cloth and ink. It represents liberty and freedom worldwide. Our nation's history is marked by blood. John Thune