10 lazy cat breeds


Miller thinks Ragdolls are calm because of their semi-long, silky coats. When socialized early, ragdolls are friendly to strangers and other cats. The breed's name comes from the way they collapse in your arms like dolls.


Persians are peaceful. Though wary of strangers, it can adapt to many surroundings. Persians prefer peaceful homes and routines.

Selkirk Rex

Their curly coat and large skull set them apart from Persians. Miller says the Selkirk is simpler to show than its relatives.


Miller called the Exotic a medium-sized Persian cousin. Despite their short coats, Persian-like breeds are calm. Exotics are also more active than Persians.

Main Coon

Miller says the Maine Coon, one of the largest domestic cat species, has developed its winning attitude through 100 years of selective breeding. The breed is calm, affectionate, and non-aggressive.

Siberian Forest Cat

The Siberian Forest Cat is calm and placid despite its size and sociality. Siberian Forest Cats are comfortable in show halls and homes and will turn over to let others stroke their bellies, Miller said. 


Tonkinese are Burmese-Siamese mixes. Tonks love their owners like their parents. The Tonkinese, a muscular medium-sized dog, is more energetic and adventurous than some of the other breeds on our list and can be leash-trained.

Russian Blue

Miller believes a Russian Blue has traditionally been the perfect homebody and difficult to show since it feels uncomfortable in new places.However, the breed has evolved into a more outgoing and less scared display cat and still makes a great calm, devoted companion. 


Burmese lap cats love strangers. Instead of fleeing, it wants to help with household chores. The Burmese may be chatty and want to talk to you. Intelligent and loving, your Burmese will cuddle with you in bed or spend time with you at home.

Like Russian Blues, Korats love their people and familiar places. Miller stated this makes it difficult to show the breed, and they sometimes complain in the ring when handled. Miller stated that while the breed may seem timid in a new situation, she has never seen it be hostile.