12 Zodiac-specific lucky color

Aries: Red

Red represents fire and passion. Desire, passionate emotion, and lust characterize Aries.

Taurus: Green

Green is the ruling color of earth signs. Taurus passions are associated with plenty, prosperity, earthy indulgences, and success.

Gemini: Yellow

The color yellow represents communication. The color yellow represents communication.

Cancer: White or Silver

White and silver are associated with the moon in Cancer. These colors indicate intuition and purity. 

Leo: Orange or Gold

Leos are represented by the colors gold and orange. Leo can "revel in its regal authority and regal beauty" by utilizing the colors.

Virgo: Brown

The color brown represents this Earth sign. Brown depicts Mercury as a symbol of stability and progress.

Libra: Light Pink

Because Venus is Libra's ruling planet, it loves pale pink hues. With this color, Libras are drawn to harmony, serenity, balance, sensitivity, and affection. 

Scorpio: Black

Scorpio, a water sign ruled by Mars and Pluto, resonates with black. Scorpios seek shelter and mystery in the color black. 

Sagittarius: Purple

Purple is the color of Sagittarius. It represents spirituality. Their spirits are boosted and peaceful,"

Capricorn: Burgundy

Capricorn's power color is burgundy, which denotes quality and sophistication, both of which this sign highly values.

Aquarius: Electric blue

Aquarians should wear electric blue, according to Montufar, because Uranus regulates electricity and inventiveness.

Pisces: Teal

Aquarius favors vibrant blues, whilst Pisces prefers a more muted shade of blue green.