1923 Confirms That Kevin Costner's Exit From The Yellowstone Universe Is Permanent

Getting a big name like Costner to star in Yellowstone certainly helped the film's success. It was Costner's first major TV series, and he gave it a gravitas and stability that no one else could have. Despite this,

Yellowstone's story has been going nowhere for the past five seasons. Costner's John Dutton can finally get the ending he deserves now that the original show is concluding. 

Now that it is certain that the original program will come to an end, a fitting conclusion may be constructed for Costner's John Dutton. 

Although it is now unknown how a possible spinoff will continue without Dutton, the popularity of 1923 demonstrates that the franchise will be OK even without him.

Yellowstone is quickly becoming a brand name in and of itself, and the upcoming second season of 1923 is being awaited with the same level of fervor as the second half of Yellowstone season 5. Normally,

the conclusion of the main series would be cause for alarm; however, there does not appear to be much cause for anxiety for the future of the

property. The departure of Kevin Costner will be a significant event, and one that ideally will be emotional, 

but given the number of spinoffs now being developed, there are still plenty of other Yellowstone stories to be told.