2023 Super Bowl odds: Eagles beat Chiefs by this score.

Over the previous few days, many individuals have been betting on the Super Bowl's exact score, which can be a big winner. That's not unusual.

But everyone seems to be betting on the same score.  BetMGM's fourth-most popular prop is that the Eagles will beat the Chiefs 37-34.

BetMGM took so many bets on the score that the odds decreased from 250-to-1 to 80-to-1. 

Draft Kings and BetMGM are also affected. Draft Kings has pocketed 21% of final score bets with the Eagles.  

Prevailing 37-34, according to the Action Network. Despite rarely ending with that score.

Everyone expects it will. Only two games in the past two.  

Seasons have ended 37-34, and only one Super Bowl team has scored precisely 37 points.

And they didn't win 37-34 (Washington beat the Bills 37-24 in Super Bowl XXVI).