21st-century stress-free parenting

Always living in the past

Parents who live in the past cannot communicate with their kids. Children are always joyful because they forget the past and live in the present. We remember prior events and carry the weight of terrible experiences. Thus, we cannot comprehend or listen to children. 

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Negative words like "You don't know anything" damage children. Physical injuries heal, but mental injuries do not. So we should constantly speak positively to youngsters. Our words should inspire kids.

Accepting our faults relieves stress. Kids respect us. Children learn to admit faults by imitating their parents. Hiding faults tenses us. Kids see our fault]

Not admitting mistakes to kids.

Constantly criticizing children

We'll stay tense if we constantly criticize our kids. Instead, we should recognize their virtues. Thus, youngsters learn to accept and eliminate their personality flaws

Many parents converse to their kids while maintaining their social status. If they're proud of their social status, parents can't communicate with their kids. Parents are stressed and children ignore them.

Maintaining personal image when communicating to children


Children dislike authoritative parenting. Instead of commanding, we should love them. We dislike authority. Thus, authoritative speech causes stress, but loving speech brings joy.

Ignoring the Divine in children.

Every child has Divine Principle. Respect their Divine Principle. Thus, when speaking to children, think of the Divine concept rather than a person. This reduces tension and brings joy.


Kids must understand everything. Only by lowering ourselves will children respect and listen to us. Thus, a parent should speak to a first-grader at that level. 

Nobody listens to children's worries. Teachers focus on their syllabus, while parents work. Children are intellectually confused. They distrust their parents. Disobedient children worry parents. 

No kid contact

Expectations in conversation annoy kids. They immediately sense expectations due to their low ego. Talk to them without expectations. Love is without expectations.

High hopes