5 Most Common Punishments

scolding, name calling, demanding 


Withdrawing or Withholding 

taking away privileges which may or may not have anything to do with their unacceptable behavior

If the child is late for dinner, they are made to go without eating 

Using “Logical Consequences”

not allowing them to do anything but what is (according to the parents) necessary 


giving them “time outs”, alone and away from everyone else 


Kids become less dependent on parents as they learn to meet their own needs. Kids learn that their parents' threats don't matter. Parents eventually run out of threats and punishments.

Punishment is pointless, but its long-term repercussions on children's behavior can shock parents. Teens are known to rebel. I wonder whether people think this disobedience is solely due to their age.

P.E.T. says youngsters struggle against parental power, not parents. Teens become increasingly independent and self-sufficient.