7 most compatible parent-child zodiac pairs

Aries and Gemini

Both these zodiac signs are known for their free-spirited and fun personalities. Probably that's why the level of compatibility between these two sunsigns is extremely high. While an Aries child may be ambitious, he/she can also be impulsive. 

Ural Rex Cat

Cancer and Tauru

Given the case that Cancerian children are extremely emotional and sensitive, there is always the need for a Taurean parent who is not only strong headed but also knows his/her way through difficult situations. A Cancerian and a Taurean are very similar in nature.  

Children who belong to Leo are dominant, headstrong personalities. While Leo children are not someone who would listen to anybody, Libran parents are the only one who can sweet talk them towards the right direction.  

Leo and Libra

Virgo and Capricorn

Virgo and Capricorn are two sides of the same coin. While one is a true perfectionist, the other handles everything with logic and rationality and makes no room for an error.  

A Scorpion and a Taurean are extremely loyal personalities. While a Taurean parent is known for their honesty and virtuous nature, he/she successfully channels it to their kids too. 

Scorpio and Tauru

Sagittarius and Aquariu

When it comes to a Sagittarian child, only an Aquarian parent is fit to handle them. Known for their fun-loving and spontaneous nature, a Sagittarian is always on a journey to explore, where no one can stop or prevent him from doing so.  

Pisces and Cancer

Cancerians and Pisceans are a perfect combination of zodiac signs. Besides possessing the ability to understand one another, they also know how to sooth each other in difficult times.