8 Best Scratching Posts for Large Cats in 2023 

Tall and Sturdy Scratching Posts 

Look for scratching posts that are tall enough to allow your large cat to fully stretch out while scratching.  

Ural Rex Cat

Sisal Rope Scratching Posts 

Sisal is a durable and rough-textured material that many cats prefer for scratching.  

Cat Trees with Scratching Posts

Cat trees are multi-level structures that often include scratching posts, perches, and hiding spots.  

Some scratching posts come with built-in perches or platforms. 

Scratching Posts with Perches 

Consider a scratching post that offers different textures and materials, such as sisal, carpet, or cardboard.  

Scratching Posts with Multiple Surfaces 

Wall-Mounted Scratching Posts 

Wall-mounted scratching posts are excellent options for large cats as they provide vertical scratching surfaces without taking up floor space.  

Scratching Posts with Hideouts 

Some scratching posts feature built-in hideouts or enclosed spaces where your large cat can retreat and relax.  

Scratching Posts with Interactive Toys 

Scratching posts that incorporate dangling toys or other interactive elements can help keep your large cat engaged and entertained.