A cruise ship was "destroyed" by hurricane-force winds that struck it.

Passengers on a cruise ship that was struck by hurricane-force winds recalled their horrible night there.

On Saturday, several of them posted footage to social media a the Carnival Sunshine was sailing back from The Bahamas to.

Charleston, South Carolina. The films showed the damage the ship had experienced.A video posted on Twitter by the Crew Center. 

Account showed water filling hallways and rooms, damaged furniture, and doors that had come off their hinges.

The message read, "The aftermath aboard Carnival Sunshine after a severe storm." The crew bar was demolished everywhere they. 

Might rest when the crew from Deck 0-4 evacuated to the theater. A TV meteorologist named.

Craig Setzer stated on Twitter that the ship had wind gusts of around 80 mph on Saturday morning.

According to Daniel Taylor, a cruise passenger, things began to deteriorate on Friday afternoon.