A Super Bowl-winning coach criticizes a key NFL rule change.

Andy Reid, the Kansas City Chiefs' head coach, criticized the NFL on Wednesday for recently enacting a contentious rule modification regarding fair receptions and touchbacks.

The proposal was approved by the league on Tuesday, and any fair catches made between now and

The subsequent drive would start at the 25-yard line if the goal line and the 25-yard line were both crossed. The

The official explanation for the modification (which will be in effect for a year) is "player safety," but some are skeptical.

This fair catch rule change is being attacked at the same time as other controversial rule changes, such as "Thursday Night Football" flexing.

On Monday, several former NFL players, including media personality Pat McAfee, chastised the league over the fair catch change.

TMZ Sports reported that a lady alleged that Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

The former Indianapolis Colts punter called Tuesday's announcement "a joke," but on Wednesday, he praised Reid for his response.