Aaron Rodgers communicates his priorities to the Jets: It's not about getting loved

Aaron Rodgers is still in the honeymoon stage with New York, but winning friends isn't his first concern.

In his early seasons as the Jets' starting quarterback, Rodgers has been at his friendliest; he has attended playoff games featuring the Knicks and Rangers while giving the correct news conference quotes.

However, Rodgers stated that gaining respect is his ultimate goal in an interview with Adam Schein on SiriusXM's Mad Dog Radio.

"The (Pat) McAfee Show' viewers can see what I am all about," remarked Rodgers. There isn't much kept back, and I shoot straight out of the hip. 

Both some people and some people don't like it. Some people are interested in plant medicine, some people enjoy reading, and other people don't like it when I use metaphors occasionally,

but that's okay.Being respected is more important to me than being loved, especially by my teammates. 

That must be the priority for every outstanding leader. If standing up for what you believe in is more important to you than being respected,

you will never be regarded... Because of the boundaries we have set with the things you sincerely, sincerely believe in and are prepared to stand up for, more people will like and admire you.