Abstract to Simple: Nail Art for Every Wish

Paint your nails for a new season. If you change your outfit seasonally, why not your nails? 

seasonal Nail Art 

Watermelons symbolize summer! Starting with a mild pink, a beginner can add details towards the tips of each nail using a narrow brush and black, green, white, and darker pink paint. 

Summer Nail

Rainbows can brighten your day after months of cold. Nails can bring rainbows everywhere in spring and year-round. This simple nail art lets you use all your polishes. 

Spring Nails

Snowflake manicures are a must-have for winter nails. To achieve your desired effect, use a lighter or darker blue base coat and white polish for detailing. You should leave with intricate snowflake designs from a skilled nail tech. 

Winter Nails

Choosing Christmas clothing and accessories is enjoyable. There's a manicure for any occasion—upgrade your look!

Holiday Nails

Candy canes are among the most famous Christmas imagery. You can use candy canes in your Christmas nail designs as much as you want, from basic red and white stripes to this intricate pattern.

Christmas Nails

Ghosts and black cats let you embrace the scariest season.Alternate these popular Halloween manicure patterns on each nail or repeat one on each hand. A cheeky 

Halloween Nails

Valentine's Day nail art is infinite since pink and red are popular manicure colors. For February, start with a pink French manicure. 

Valentine's Nails