Alica Schmidt believes she doesn't have to prove anything in athletics, image, or social media.

German 400m runner Alica Schmidt, aged 23, has gained over 4 million followers on Instagram and TikTok. 

Despite her social media success, Schmidt emphasizes that her main focus is sports. 

She became known in 2017 after winning silver at the U20 European championships. 

Schmidt initially felt overwhelmed by the sudden influx of followers and the attention on social media. 

She wanted to maintain privacy for her family and friends while managing her online presence. 

Schmidt expresses gratitude for her social media following despite the challenges it presented. 

With 3 million Instagram followers and nearly a million on TikTok, she was a standout star at the Munich 2022 European athletics championships. 

Schmidt's popularity extends beyond her athletic achievements, making her a promising talent in the world of athletics.