Alica Schmidt, dubbed the "sexiest athlete in the world," joins the exclusive Forbes billionaires' club.

Athletics sensation Alica Schmidt has been named on the Forbes 30 under 30 list, a significant achievement for the 24-year-old. 

Alica Schmidt, also known as the "world's sexiest athlete," has gained popularity through her athletic performances and online influence. 

She shared her excitement about being included in the Forbes list with her 3.3 million Instagram followers. 

The recognition from Forbes comes as Alica prepares for the upcoming season of athletics meets, focusing on her training regime. 

Forbes' 2022 list, valued at over $1 billion, highlights the entrepreneurial success of individuals under the age of 30. 

Alica Schmidt was previously given the title of "World's sexiest athlete" by Australian magazine Busted Coverage in 2017. 

In an exclusive interview with SunSport, Alica expressed her indifference towards the "sexiest athlete" label, stating that beauty should come from within. 

Alica Schmidt remains dedicated to her athletic pursuits and is focused on her training and performance in the upcoming season.