An NFL insider updates the Commanders' sale.

Dan Snyder's forgettable reign as owner of the Washington Commanders is likely to end now that he has opted to sell the storied NFL team.

Magic Johnson of the Los Angeles Lakers and an ownership group led by Josh Harris have reached an agreement.

An agreement has been reached with Snyder on a deal worth more than $6 billion, albeit the transaction has not yet been completed.

Before Harris and his ownership group formally take over the Commanders, various details must be worked out.

However, the transaction will be completed, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network via The Dan Patrick Show.

The Washington squad, the Commanders, is attempting to break free from Snyder's grip and reclaim its place as a significant contender in the NFC.

The team's choice to decline defensive end was the most recent item on the agenda. Chase

The baseball team from Michigan has added at least two more days to its schedule.