Angelina Jolie's stunning hair makeover has fans scratching their heads.

Angelina Jolie has tried many different hairstyles throughout the years, and to celebrate the start of summer, the Hollywood star has chosen a new appearance. 

In new images released on Chloe's official Instagram account this week, the stunning 48-year-old was seen with blonde hair. 

Angelina recently announced the launch of her fashion label, Atelier Jolie, as well as her first collaboration with Chloe to create a capsule collection. 

The announcement was made on Instagram this week, along with a photo of Angelina in the fashion studios with Chloe's creative director Gabriela Hearst. 

Another piece detailed what we may expect from the exciting upcoming collection. "Announcing Chloé x Atelier Jolie - Maison Chloé becomes the inaugural

collaborator of the creative collective Atelier Jolie with a forthcoming ready-to-wear capsule collection celebrating modern femininity."

Chloé Creative Director @GabrielaHearst and Atelier Jolie founder @AngelinaJolie collaborated on the design

The capsule collection celebrates genuine women-to-women connections while honoring both brands' goals to promoting social and environmental sustainability via more openness and accountability.