Anna Marie Tendler Discusses Her 'Mental Health Breakdown' After John Mulaney Divorce

or Anna Marie Tendler, whose loss of her cherished French bulldog, Petunia.

Was more devastating than anyone could have anticipated.

The artist and author recently wrote a heartfelt opinion piece about her beloved dog and the part .

She played in assisting Tendler to move on following her highly public divorce from comedian John Mulaney for Elle magazine.

After several health issues necessitated putting Petunia to sleep, Tendler and Mulaney both broke the news of her passing in April.

It is evident how difficult that choice truly was in Tendler's new essay on Petunia's final days.

In response to my severe mental health breakdown and what seemed to be the impending dissolution of my marriage, Petunia and I moved to Connecticut in December 2020, according to Tendler. 

We became even more deeply bonded in a synchronized and mutually beneficial relationship.