Apple's M2 Ultra Mac Pro costs $40,000 less than Intel's top model. 

You might be shocked to learn that the most costly configuration of Apple's newly-introduced Mac Pro with an M2 Ultra CPU is more than

$40,000 less expensive than the most expensive configuration of its Intel-powered predecessor.

The machine was built for extreme workloads, after all. However, you might not be surprised to see that it is meant for extreme tasks.

If you purchase the brand new Mac Pro tower, which costs $6,999, and add the following upgrades:

You get a grand total of $12,348 for the cost of the computer. After adding Final Cut Pro (which costs $299.99) and

Logic Pro (which costs $199.99), the total amounts to $12,847.98. And if you want to max out the rack version of the Mac Pro with the same software,

it will cost you an additional one hundred dollars, bringing the total to $12,947.98.Isn't that a very hefty price tag?

This new Mac Pro is a deal when compared to the highest costly configuration of the 2019 Intel-based Mac Pro, which cost an eye-popping $53,799; nonetheless.