Apple's new headset, slumped Virginia plane pilot 5 Things podcast.

On the current installment of the 5 Things podcast: The pilot of the aircraft that crashed in Virginia was slouched.

According to officials, the pilot of the plane that crashed in Virginia on Sunday was slouched over. 

 In addition, a significant dam in Ukraine was destroyed amid discussions of a Ukrainian offensive, Is France or the United States a better place to retire?,

 and Cancer patients can benefit from genetic sequencing of tumors, according to USA TODAY Health Reporter Karen Weintraub, 

and USA TODAY Consumer Tech Reporter Brett Molina examines Apple's newest headset.

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Happy morning. This is 5 Things to Know on Tuesday, June 6, 2023, and I'm Taylor Wilson.

We're finding out more today about the crash of a private plane that prompted fighter jets to fly over the nation's capital. Additionally, is this Ukraine's counteroffensive? We also take a look at Apple's newest augmented reality device.