Arnold Schwarzenegger calls Bruce Willis ‘a huge star’ amid actor’s retirement

Arnold Schwarzenegger is expressing his love for co-star Bruce Willis as the acclaimed action star prepares to retire after collaborating on the film series "The Expendables" together.

The "FUBAR" actor revealed in an interview with CinemaBlend that he finds Willis to be "fantastic."

"He was, always for years and years, is a huge, huge star, and I think that he will always be remembered as a great, great star," added Schwarzenegger.

This past weekend, popular musician Billie Eilish resHe continued by calling the "Die Hard" actor "a kind man." Schwarzenegger, Willis, and "Rambo" actor Sylvester Stallone were the top action stars ,ponded to criticism of her wardrobe on Instagram.

The 1980s and 1990s and were seen as competitors in the acting world as well as the "holy trinity" of the action genre.

The three were well-known to be close friends and backed the establishment of the restaurant chain Planet Hollywood in 1991.

Schwarzenegger continued, "I realize that under his conditions, in terms of health, that he had to retire. However, in general, we never actually retire. Heroes of action, they reload.

Willis was diagnosed with aphasia in March 2022, which is brought on by damage to the area of the brain that regulates language, and his family—

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