Arnold Schwarzenegger describes telling crushed Maria Shriver about affair.

During a 2011 marriage counseling session, Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed the truth about his and Mildred Baena's affair to a "crushed" Maria Shriver.

The 75-year-old actor recounted their counselor asking a "very specific" question at his then-wife's request in the "Arnold" documentary, which was released on Wednesday (via the Sun).

The counselor asked, referring to their housekeeper's 1997-born kid Joseph, "She wants to know if you're the father of him."

In the Netflix program, the former governor said, "I felt my heart stopped. "And after that, I came clean."

Yes, Maria," Schwarzenegger retorted. Joseph is my son," the journalist, 67, said. "That obviously devastated me.

The "Kindergarten Cop" star continued, "I didn't think I was Joseph's father at first after my 1996 affair because Mildred was married to Rogelio Baena at the time."

"In the beginning I really didn't know," admitted Schwarzenegger, who also has five children with Shriver: Christopher (25), Katherine (33), Christina (31), and Patrick (29). But as he grew older, I realized it more and more.

The question became, "How do you keep this quiet?" he acknowledged.