Bam Margera placed on 5150 hold due to addiction issues.

Bam Margera was placed on a 5150 hold when his family feared for his life.According to TMZ,

cops caught the Jackass star at Trejo's Tacos in Los Angeles on Sunday and took him to a mental health facility due to his odd speech,

conduct, and claimed suicidal threats. California law allows involuntary mental assessment and crisis intervention for up to 72 hours for dangerous people.

Bam may be at the facility. Yahoo Entertainment inquired with his attorney. Bam visited L.A. last week to meet his 5-year-old son, Phoenix,

with ex-wife Nikki Margera. Bam said that Nikki had kept him from seeing Phoenix for months due to his addiction.

Bam's safety, sobriety, and mental health are Nikki's prayers. Nikki's attorney, David Glass,

told Yahoo on Monday that Bam has either ignored or insulted her requests to set up FaceTime calls for their son.

Nikki wants Bam to receive therapy so he can be stable, consistent, and a good parent to Phoenix.