Beyoncé shocks with Kendrick Lamar remix of "America Has A Problem"

Beyoncé employed an old trick tonight to keep the Beyhive (and all of us pop culture news reporters) on our toes: she unexpectedly. 

Released a new remix from her 2022 album Renaissance. In particular, the artist released a remix of "America Has A Problem.

That notably featured a new verse from her old Lemonade collaborator Kendrick Lamar, according to Billboard. The new. 

Remix's album art appears to be an intriguing picture of an American flag created out of red, white, and blue bullets. It can be. 

Purchased on Beyoncé's website, and you can also listen to it on YouTube.(Despite the song's title and cover art, "America Has A.  

Problem" isn't really a political anthem in either of its forms; instead, the lyrics of the song describe .

America's problem as being way too addicted to Beyoncé, with the singer declaring "you can't.  

Get no higher than this" and equating herself to a drug dealer whose main product is Beyoncé.).