‘Black Mirror’ Season 6: ‘Joan Is Awful’ Cast. 

Interested in finding "Black Mirror" Easter eggs? You're in for a treat because Season 6 opens with the show's most meta episode to date. 

"Joan Is Awful," the first episode of the eagerly anticipated sixth season, follows Joan, 

a woman who learns that her life is being turned into a prestige streaming series starring Salma Hayek. 

This revelation sends her jobs and relationships into freefall as all of her secrets suddenly become known to the public.

Playing Joan is Annie Murphy. Both Joan and Salma Hayek are played by Salma Hayek.  

Playing Mac is Rob Delaney. Ben Barnes portrays Mac as well. And because it's "Black Mirror,"  

there's a lot to unpack and a huge cast to keep track of while you're doing it. 

Even a fake streaming service with plenty of "Black Mirror" allusions and callbacks exists.