Brady is 'confident' his NFL career is done. We should move on too. 

It's over, claims Tom Brady. And on Thursday, his statements were more understandable than some of the awkward ,

double-dutching in and out with his friend Jim Gray or responding to inquiries at an arbitrary entrepreneurship conference. 

While visiting various media venues to launch a marketing campaign with Hertz, 

Brady started his tour by sort of locking the door while talking to Sports Illustrated Now. 

Brady gave a brief reaction when asked if he had any advice for those who have persisted in speculating about a possible comeback to the NFL.

He declared, "I'm positive I'm not playing again." I've made an effort to be clear about that,  

and I detest repeating what I've already said numerous times. 

It was clear. He lied or changed his mind if he plays another NFL game after this one.