Britain's Got Talent's Simon Cowell jokes about his face.

In tonight's (May 20) episode of Britain's Got Talent, host Simon Cowell made a playful allusion to his own looks.

At the time, Tom Crosbie's bizarre audition had the judges, Amanda Holden, Bruno Tonioli, and Alesha Dixon, scratching their heads.  

For a moment, it appeared as though Crosbie was merely quickly playing with Rubik's cubes.

Then Crosbie turned the board they were on over, revealing Albert Einstein's flawless face. But Crosbie wasn't finished there, as.  

Tonioli's face also revealed through the colorful cubes on the opposite side.After stunning the judges, the candidate admitted.  

That he had originally intended to incorporate a portrait of Cowell into his routine but had given up because it was too impossible to make his face come to life.

To the amusement of his other contestants, Cowell self-deprecatingly said that he could "change" his face "again" if . 

That would make it any easier. He's been silent about the "Botox years" for a very long time.