Broncos head coach Russell Wilson's first impression is shared by Sean Payton

The strength and conditioning phase of the Denver Broncos' offseason training program has been replaced by on-field football drills. 

The Broncos held organized team activities (OTAs) on Thursday that included a competitive workout. 

Russell Wilson, the Broncos' starting quarterback, was playing in the open on the grass while using the new offense Sean Payton is implementing. 

Coach Payton gave his opinion on how Wilson is adjusting to the playbook installs and how the seasoned quarterback looked following practice. 

"These guys are doing well, and he's picking it up—the timing and all of those things that are required," Payton said on Thursday of Wilson.

"In the first five weeks, all we did was lift weights and run. We're starting to engage in some football activity now. The practice is going better than expected.

He appears to be learning quickly and is in fantastic shape.The news should be sweet to Broncos Nation.

 As a follower of the Bill Parcells school of football psychology, Payton only gives praise when it is well-deserved, and if necessary, he is not afraid to use subtle criticism to drive a player, even in front of others.