BWF extends ban on spin serve in badminton.

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) has extended the ban on the spin serve until after next year's Paris Olympics and Paralympics.

The serve, which involves a player spinning the shuttle before launching it, was temporarily banned in May after it proved to be tough to return or completely unplayable.

The BWF said it had consulted with the badminton community before making the decision to extend the ban.

The federation said it wanted to give players more time to adapt to the new rule and to ensure that the serve did not impact the Olympic and Paralympic qualifying periods.

The spin serve has been a controversial topic in badminton since it was first introduced.

Some players have argued that the serve is unfair and gives an unfair advantage to the server.

Others have argued that the serve is a legitimate part of the game and that players should learn to adapt to it.

The BWF's decision to extend the ban on the spin serve is likely to be met with mixed reactions.

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