Cameron Kirsten Arrives in Genoa City and Sharon Asks Nick and Chance for Help

In this episode of CBS' The Young and the Restless, Sharon receives a mysterious post card she thinks is from Cameron as he returns to Genoa City

In the previous episode, Chance finds proof as Phyllis meets with Summer, Sharon learns Chance didn't deliver the champagne, Billy, Chelsea, and Daniel dine with Lily, and Ashley tells Tucker she's opening up to him.

Chloe is heartbroken at GCAC since she's dressed up for nothing. She's encouraged by Sally.

Practice makes perfect. Lily and Devon enter, and Lily is sad they won't benefit from their designs.

Sally claims they're not to fault for Jill's rejection. She should get used to her kid's granddad's nosiness, Chloe says.

Chloe believes her pal is rigid. They're charging too much—maybe she should have let Nick help them.

Because of the baby and "he has a case of the l word," she doesn't want to take advantage of him.

In the lounge, Devon and Lily complain about fighting. He hears about her family meal with his ex, his date, their kids, and Daniel.