Candace Cameron Bure's Rep Addresses Fast Food Lying Allegations

Another day, another Candace Cameron Bure fast food scandal? It all started two days ago

when Candace posted on Instagram Stories that she hadn't eaten fast food in 20 years:

Candace remarked, "I haven't eaten fast food except for In-N-Out in 20 years," according to Buzzfeed. Some days I wonder what McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, or any of those other establishments' burgers and fries taste like. 

Today is it. Can I find out? No. No, I've never eaten Taco Bell. I'm glad. I'm not convinced."

Naturally, social media dug up Candace's deleted Chick-Fil-A photo with the comment "We love chikin!"

To counter rumors that Candace has been living in a house of fast food lies, her rep told Insider:

Candace's carrying a cup." The rep termed her lying allegations "untrue" and "ridiculous."

This is an update. However, Candace's ongoing feud with JoJo Siwa seems like a good moment to revisit: