Can't Cope? How to Control Your Child and Improve Their Behavior

Many parents want home tranquility and family peace. You're trying to stay afloat in a sea of behavior concerns, and you may be battling to hold on. ODD and ADHD can make parenting a daily challenge.

First, breathe, I tell these parents. Not alone. You didn't get into this situation with your child overnight, so don't put pressure on yourself to get out of it overnight either.

We all fear and worry about our kids and parenting. Fear says, “Fix this now or else!” If you ignore that emotion, rationality may convince you that you and your child are human and can only do so much. 

It is your duty as a Christian parent to see to it that your children are properly instructed in the Christian faith from an early age. 

Sitting down and listing everything you want to alter about your child is not what I mean—any parent could easily come up with a dozen things! A huge list will simply overwhelm and stress you. Consider your top three worries. Which behaviors cause the most disruption and tension in your home? List the three biggest problems.

Focus on One Thing

Before talking to your child, determine how to hold her accountable. What if she disappoints? Your response? Restating your expectation and leaving works best in the moment. After calming down, problem solve and give a consequence if needed.

Come up With a Plan

Instead of attempting to convince your child to change to get into college, stay out of jail, or keep a job in 10 years, act in his best interests. Stop making excuses and start teaching your child better skills. Let your results speak.

Fewer Speeches, More Coaching

Progress involves setbacks. Change takes time. Imagine a caterpillar in a chrysalis preparing to emerge into a butterfly. That caterpillar understands he cannot speed up his change without risking his health. He must wait. When making adjustments at home, parents should tackle one day at a time.

Keep Going Despite Setback