Celebrity Chef Sunny Anderson: 10 Things You Don't Know About Me 

1. On Sunday afternoons during football season, I’m either at a Giants game or at home watching all of the pregame, game and postgame coverage. 

2. In 1990, I got a 1968 VW Bug. I painted her forest green with sparkles using my first paycheck from Sonic Drive-In. 

3. Bobby Flay is the most famous person in my phone book, but he never picks up. 

4. My most starstruck moment was sitting within inches of Prince at a private event after a concert for a radio station I worked at. He was a force! 

5. My favorite item of clothing is a T-shirt I got in 2005 from Emeril Lagasse after being a guest on his show. 

6. My favorite movie is Rebecca

7. I’d like to go back to Oktoberfest in Munich and experience it as a beer lover. I was there as a child with my parents but obviously didn’t understand the lure. 

8. My favorite room is my bedroom. It’s the first place I remodeled in my home and made it my sanctuary. 

9. My favorite books are Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier and Misery by Stephen King

10. My alternate profession would be working with dogs. I once worked at a doggie daycare as a wrangler.