Chelsea Clinton Wears NYC Walking Boot After Breaking Toe in Relatable Parenting Mishap

Chelsea Clinton made a common parenting blunder. A Clinton insider told PEOPLE that a typical parenting mistake led their daughter to walk about NYC in a boot.

Chelsea Clinton Inauguration Shoes: "Oprah Noticed" Clinton "broke her toe in a race to bath time with kids," her spokesman told.

PEOPLE.Clinton, 43, paired her walking boot with a long blue summer dress and maroon satchel.

Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky have Charlotte, 8, Aidan, 6, and Jasper, 3. In 2020, Clinton told PEOPLE that she wasn't convinced it was.

"Possible to be a mom without mom guilt." Chelsea Clinton: 'She Went to the Dark Side' on Ivanka Trump Friendship.

"There's so many moments like that," she said. "Every day for working parents, and so trying to just be honest about that—honest about the privilege for those of us who can work from home.

Honest about how much balance still has to happen, honest about how much will fall out of balance, at least some days... the dishes. 

May not get done until right before dinner or maybe even until after dinner for the whole day, and that's okay."