Clint Eastwood, Kanye West, and Other Forgotten Politician

Clint Eastwood made the decision to enter politics in 1986 and run for mayor of Carmel, California. With 72.5% of the vote, the actor.  

And director was elected and was in office for two years.But given that this is a.44 Magnum, the strongest weapon in existence that. 

Would blow your head off, you have to ask yourself, "Do I feel lucky?" Well, punk, do you? 

Since Clint Eastwood said those immortal words in the first "Dirty Harry" movie in 1971.

A number of handgun calibers have emerged that have supplanted the.44 Remington Magnum as the most potent.  

Nandgun cartridge in the world. The.44 Magnum is still a very potent cartridge, though.  

Because it's still regarded as a mainstream caliber, as opposed to those handgun calibers that . 

Outperform it,.44 "Maggie" firearms and ammunition are still more widely accessible and more reasonably priced.