CNN CEO Chris Licht is fired following a brief and turbulent stint.

CNN fired CEO Chris Licht after a turbulent year in charge of the faltering news network,

which culminated in a devastating magazine feature and the growing realization that he'd lost the trust of the network's writers.

The change was made at CNN's editorial meeting on Wednesday, just two days after Licht stated that he would "fight like hell" to earn the trust of those around him.

CNN parent firm Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav created a four-person temporary leadership team and

stated at an editorial meeting that he would launch a comprehensive search for Licht's replacement.

Licht was tasked with making CNN more appealing to both sides of the country's political divide;

Republicans had grown wary of the network following frequent attacks by former President Donald Trump.

Some on the network, however, regarded Licht's directive for change as a rejection of their previous work, and a live town hall with Trump last month garnered considerable criticism.