"conversations" about a new Spider-Man trilogy, according to Tom Holland.

Tom Holland is hesitant to commit to a third Spider-Man film because he wants to enjoy his present popularity. (Too many commas, 199)

Sony Pictures CEO rejects rumors of a new Spider-Man trilogy but leaves the door open to the possibility. (In a nutshell)

Holland hints to a potential takeover by a new Spider-Gwen or Spider-Woman. In a nutshell: (90)

Holland is thinking about stepping away from his heroic duties in order to start a family. (93-character limit)

Holland admits to having second thoughts about returning as Spider-Man but values his time on set. (Shortened to 128)

With a worldwide total of $1.738 billion, Spider-Man: No Way Home is the sixth highest-grossing film of all time. (Short article)

Holland is pleased with the reception to No Way Home and is intent on building on the film's success. Word count: 103

Nothing has been decided upon regarding Spider-Man's future, and Holland's comments echo those of the CEO of Sony Pictures. (In a nutshell)