Dabi's My Hero Academia Story Comes to an End with a Long-Overdue Apology

My Hero Academia has concluded Dabi and the Todoroki family's long-running tale, and it opted to do so with one 

of the most deserved and long-overdue apologies in manga history. Recently, 

the Todoroki family banded together to stop Dabi, with Shoto racing to the scene before his brother could ruin himself and take everyone else with him.

While Rei, Fuyumi, and Natsuo are far from heroes, they believed it was their duty to stop Dabi and risked their lives to do so.

Unfortunately, they couldn't get through to him, and their powers weren't enough to save him from exploding. 

When Shoto came, he used his ultimate ice technique, Great Glacial Aegir, to cool things down for good.

 However, while Dabi/Toya lay dying, Endeavor revealed that he still had something to say.

Endeavor began by apologizing to Toya for not being there on the mountain the night they thought he died, after gladly enduring Dabi's taunts.