Damar Hamlin kicks off his CPR Tour in Buffalo.

Bills security On January 2, Damar Hamlin's life was saved. His knowledge will save lives.

According to Alaina Gatzenberg of ESPN.com, Hamlin kicked off his CPR Tour in Buffalo on Saturday. It is his Chasing M's Foundation's inaugural initiative.

At the Bills' Hands-Only CPR event, Hamlin presented 50 AEDs to area youth football teams.

He plans to expand his tour to a number of additional locations, including his hometown of Pittsburgh and Cincinnati,

where he experienced a heart arrest during a game. "The Chasing M's Foundation will provide AEDs to sports and community

groups so that kids can stay safe while pursuing their dreams," Hamlin added. 

"And this program is critical because it provides lifesaving care to children in their own communities and on their own fields."

Millions of dollars were donated to Hamlin's foundation in the days following his life was saved by Bills medical personnel during a game versus the Bengals.