Despite 3 Transformers Movies, Mark Wahlberg Delivered Franchise's Highest Grossing Movie. 

Nobody could have predicted how popular the Transformers movie series would become  ,

until Michael Bay's hands shaped the first installment with 2007's Transformers.  

The franchise has produced more than five major motion pictures, a spin-off film, and another movie is on the way.

Shia LeBeouf, who played Sam Witwicky, the main human protagonist alongside the robotic protectors of Earth, 

was important in the franchise's popularity from its inception through the third movie. 

Nevertheless, after giving the franchise everything he had, 

the actor believed that it was headed toward irrelevance until Mark Wahlberg disproved him. 

The incredible work that went into building Cybertronian robots in 2007's Transformers captivated the public.