During Divorce, John Mulaney's Ex Anna Marie Tendler Was Hospitalized for "Severe Suicidal Ideation"

The artist claims that her bulldog, Petunia, saved her life in an essay .

For the book "Elle," stating that "she never let me out of her sight."

Ex-wife of John Mulaney Anna Marie Tendler says she had a mental breakdown just before the end of her marriage was announced.

The 37-year-old artist wrote about how her impending divorce sent her into a depression, made her move to a new city, and strengthened her relationship.

With her French bulldog in an essay for Elle that was published on Tuesday. 

In response to my severe mental health breakdown and what seemed to be the impending dissolution of my marriage.

Petunia and I moved to Connecticut in December 2020, according to Tendler. 

We became even more deeply bonded in a synchronized and mutually beneficial relationship. I was never allowed to leave her sight.